Firefighters of the Singapore Civil Defence Force(SCDF) rescued thirteen cats after a fire broke out on the second story of an apartment complex at Fajar Road, said the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) on Friday, Apr 22.

A photo shared on the Reddit forum with the caption “Humans Being Bros” has gone viral and the post got over 35,000 votes.

“Those are some exhausted cats to be laying around like that,” a Redditor wrote. “Glad they made it!”


The Singapore Civil Defence Force shared a post on their Facebook page, the post shows firefighters rescuing a clowder(group of cats) from a building fire. According to the caption on the post, there were 14 cats and the team saved 13 of them and one died.

The SCDF said that it was alerted at about 8.30 am on Thursday to a fire in a flat on the second floor of Block 422 Fajar Road.


After reaching the spot, the rescue team entered the building and extinguished the fire using three compressed air foam backpacks. The team then rescued 14 cats that were found unconscious within the building and saved 13 of them. As a precautionary measure, the team evacuated about 20 people from the building.

“Firefighters from Bukit Batok Fire Station conducted forcible entry into the unit and extinguished the fire using three compressed air foam backpacks,” the post stated.

“So I was holding my thermal imager, we are walking around the unit finding the seat of the fire, but upon finding the seat of the fire, we actually see a lot of cats on the floor,” one firefighter reported. “It was really very sad to see so many cats on the floor, not moving much. They were all slumping on the floor and were motionless, so we immediately got my crew to bring them out. And we tried what we could to save them.”

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Firefighters reviving cats after rescuing it from the burning building

According to American Kennel Club, pet owners should try to keep their pets near the entrance of their home when leaving pets home alone.

“They were not breathing,” another firefighter said. “They had no pulse, so the three EMTs at the stair landing tried to revive them. We are not trained in animal CPR, but instinctively, we applied the same basic principle.”

“When leaving pets home alone, keep them in areas or rooms near entrances where firefighters can easily find them, especially when visibility is low (in the case of smoke),” the agency advised, adding that owners should be mindful of keeping young pets away from “potential fire-starting hazards.”

“The firefighters, some of them cross-trained as emergency medical technicians, provided oxygen and conducted Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) on the cats,” said SCDF.

“Thirteen of the cats eventually regained consciousness, while one had passed away.”

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