Thailand Is Recycling Used Billboards Into Shelters To Protect Stray Dogs From Extreme Weather Conditions

“He who feeds an animal, feeds his own soul,” a great quote by Charlie Chaplin. Stray dogs are domestic animals that are lost or have no home. In Thailand, we can see thousands of stray dogs wandering the streets.

According to the Thai Department of Livestock Development, 750,000 out of 6.7 million dogs in Thailand are strays. The number continues to multiply.

They’re homeless. They’re struggling to live in extreme weather conditions. Now, a group of volunteers is working hard to change this. Hats off to them.

There’s a project in Thailand called ‘Stand for Strays’ which aims to improve the welfare of street dogs and fight the ever-growing canine population issue in the country. According to Nation Thailand, the ‘Stand For Strays‘ was initiated at Wat Nang Nong in Bangkok’s Chom Thong district and Muang Thong Thani in Nonthaburi’s Pak Kret district.

Ajarn Yossaphon Chanthongjeen is a doctorate student who noticed the dogs in Pak Kret, a suburb of Bangkok. Those dogs had no shelter from extreme weather conditions. He came up with an idea to help the dogs. He worked with ‘Stand for Strays’ to come up with an innovative solution. His idea was to repurpose hard poster boards into basic shields from the elements. Let’s appreciate the idea.

The team created a Homeless Allot Model, a small, foldable shelter for stray dogs made out of recycled billboards.

Thailand Is Recycling Used Billboards Into Shelters To Protect Stray Dogs From Extreme Weather Conditions
Recycled Billboards Shelters To Protect Stray Dogs / image : indiatimes

Ajarn wanted to ensure the safety of stray dogs. The team created a shelter that was easy to assemble, and its utility wasn’t restricted to only one city.

These cheap hard poster billboards would have ended up in the trash, but now they’re being placed around cities. Pedestrians can help stray dogs use them for shelter. Thanks to Stand For Strays group.

At first, Ajarn placed 20 shelters in different areas of the city. The homeless dogs immediately found the shelters and they were so happy.

To Protect Stray Dogs From Heat And Rain, Thailand Is Recycling Used Billboards Into Shelters

“We seek to improve stray dogs’ welfare. We improve all our lives when we make theirs better. Many people are affected when dogs get abandoned, and these shelters will improve communication between neighbors while attempting to solve the problem. We can solve it together,” according to the social media post made by the group.

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“Join the dog program and stay aware of animals and how they live. Be the one who helped. Let’s join together in community spirit and a home for the homeless.”

Interestingly, the latest design has spots to keep food and water bowls. Kind pedestrians, volunteers, and neighbors usually feed the dogs, so this new feature makes it even easier.


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