On Tuesday morning, a huge sperm whale was found stranded near Ningbo City, south of Shanghai.

This 65ft huge sperm whale was deposited by the tide on the shore in China. Thanks to the rescuers. They dragged that whale back into the sea in a rescue operation that lasted 20 hours.

Even though whales breathe oxygen like other land mammals, water is mandatory for them to maintain body temperature and prevent overheating. People and the rescuers feared it would die of dehydration if it was not pushed back into the sea.

Whales that are deposited on shore are also at high risk of collapsing due to their extreme weight or drowning when high tide occurring at night covers their blowhole.

This particular whale in Ningbo was considered to be in critical condition when it was found on the shore near Xiangshan County. Firefighters sent a team to rescue the whale.

sperm whale
Rescuers dug a trench pool of seawater to keep the whale alive (Picture:Xinhua/REX/Shutterstock)

The rescue team sprinkled water on the whale’s 20-meter long body and they dug a trench pool of seawater to maintain the whale’s body temperature and keep it alive.

Some dedicated volunteers also joined in the operation to help move the whale which weighed around 10 tons.

The rescue team then tied the whale with strong guide ropes and dragged it back to the waters. When the high tide reached its highest peak at about 10 pm, the team used a tugboat to move the whale deeper into the sea.

Early morning at 5:30 am on Wednesday, the rescue team disconnected the hauling cable from the whale’s body and freed it into deep waters.


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