Wanna know something? The power of sharing unlocks limitless love and sharing helps us improve the bond between friends and family. Sharing helps us forge a close bond between our friends and family. These four single moms will live happily together as a family. For these moms, the family looks like one big house full of moms and their kids.

Everything began with two mom friends, Holly Harper and Herrin Hopper.

Holly and Herrin used to joke about building a “mom commune” in Vermont where they’d allow their spouses to visit sporadically. However, That joke turned into a reality when they both got divorced.

“Holly and I said, ‘Why not do this?’” Hopper tells TODAY. “Within a weekend we found this house.”


We all know that living in Washington, D.C. is expensive. So they decided to carpool their duties because it’ll be much more efficient and comfortable than putting all duties on one person’s shoulder. After some days, they found two other single moms, Leandra and Jen. They all decided to move into a four-unit house. ‘The Siren House’

‘The Siren House’ is a paradise. Even during the COVID pandemic, they spend their life happily in the house.


For their kids, the house is literally a paradise. Their kids enjoyed playing with a giant trampoline. They have a parkour line, a garden, a gym, a big-screen TV, and a craft studio, according to Harper “Our kids—who can use the buddy system for a walk to get gelato, and who have playmates during the quarantine and homeschool months—are thriving.”


Harper told TODAY that the decision to uproot her life and start from scratch was initiated by getting divorced and becoming a single mom, turning 40, and losing her dad.

“Just like my life was burned to the ground,” she explained. “I could turn to Herrin and say, ‘I literally have nothing left. Let’s just do this.’”


Interestingly, they don’t need a babysitter because the families now share childcare. Their kids always have someone to play with and now they share a lovely sibling-like relationship with their housemates.

Holly Harper, Herrin Hopper, Leandra, and Jen

So many of us are indeed forced to live by obeying the rules of “tradition” when it comes to family. Sometimes we’re taught things should be a certain way, that our roles are defined for us. These four single moms said, “To hell with that” and realized they had the power to live however they wanted and to live any way that worked well for themselves and their children.


“You can do whatever you want,” Hopper said. “Burn the rulebook of life and just look at it differently.”


All of the kids are between the ages of nine and 14, and the four moms say they’re growing up “like cousins.”


There are economical benefits to this new family because these four moms share expenses—cars, food, babysitting duties, dog-walking, etc.—with one another. According to Harper, this new model of living arrangement help her to save around $30,000 a year.

“We’ve unlocked the power of sharing, and our baseline expenses decreased, allowing us to experience abundance,” she said.

“We don’t know whose socks are whose … socks everywhere,” Hopper said. “iPads, dishes, cups. There’s a lot of exchanging that occurs. Usually not planned.”

They say ” that’s OK!.” Because these moms are not only developing their idea of a lovely family, but these women are also creating their happiness and living peacefully. It’s truly heartwarming to see their happiness.


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