Daniel Diermeier is an internationally renowned political scientist and management scholar. Also, he’s the ninth Chancellor of Vanderbilt University. All the employees in the school have been rewarded with a surprise bonus of $1,500 in their paychecks by Diermeier for their slogging work over the past two years.

All the eligible employees such as faculty, staff, and postdocs, will get the bonus amount in their paychecks at the end of March. Including part-time employees, around 9,000 workers will receive the princely sum of $1,500.


The bonus amount will appear on regular paychecks of weekly and biweekly paid employees on March 25. For monthly paid and academic employees, the bonus will appear on their regular paychecks on March 31.


According to Vanderbilt University, employees eligible for the Chancellor’s Recognition Award are:

Staff – regular, full-time, and part-time staff with 90 days or more of service as of March 31, 2022 (employment start date of Dec. 31, 2021, or earlier)

Faculty – regular, full-time, and full status, partial load (FSPL) faculty with appointments of one academic year or longer

Postdocs – regular, full-time postdocs with appointments of one academic year or longer.


The Chancellor’s Recognition Award was announced on March 17 when celebrating the anniversary function of the university. Daniel Diermeier conveyed his gratitude for the astounding efforts taken by the employees.

“It has not been easy, especially during the unprecedented challenges of the pandemic,” Diermeier said.

“However, your dedication to our vision and goals enables our university to operate at its highest level. I am indeed grateful as we approach Vanderbilt’s 150th anniversary in a position of strength and with optimism about our path forward.”


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