Tesla Baby: A baby born inside a Tesla while it was on autopilot mode


Giving birth to a baby is challenging.

But, what if the delivery has occurred in the middle of a traffic jam while the vehicle is on autopilot.


That’s the story Yiran Sherry and Keating Sherry want to share with the world. 

The astonishing delivery took place in September while Yiran Sherry and Keating Sherry were taking their son Rafa to pre-school who is 3-year-old.

Tesla autopilot birth
Yiran Sherry with family


While they were on their way to the pre-school they were trapped in a heavy traffic jam and after some time Yiran Sherry’s amniotic sac was broken and they realized that they cannot reach the hospital in time. 

So they set the vehicle on autopilot mode and set the navigation system to the hospital at the Western Suburb of Paoli. 


“She was squeezing my hand to the point where I thought she was going to shatter it. I was saying, Yiran, OK, focus on your breathing.’ That was advice to myself, as well. My adrenaline was pumping,” Keating Sherry told the Philadelphia Inquirer. 


By looking at the estimated arrival time on the navigation system, she said, “Should I push or should I hold? Should I push or should I hold? Fuck it, let’s do this.” And after some time, the infant came out at the time they arrived at the hospital. 

She whispered, “Oh, my God, Keating. She’s out.”


Then the nurse came and cut the baby’s umbilical cord and the pediatrician said that the ‘Tesla Baby’ is healthy and congratulated them. And that was a sigh of relief. 


They named their daughter Maeve Lily by adding ‘Tess‘ in the middle in tribute to the Tesla Manufacturers. “Thank you genius Tesla engineers for your brilliant design of autopilot,” said Keating Sherry.


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