A mind-blowing discovery of more than 260 rare gold coins revitalized the life of a UK couple. They lived in their 18th-century United Kingdom townhouse for about ten years. Then they decided to renovate their home.

During the renovations, they discovered an incredible stash of more than 260 rare gold coins dating back more than 400 years. The lucky couple is now ready to sell the coins for £250,000 ($288,000). They had no idea they had been living on top of the incredible stash of 260 gold coins for the decade they had owned their home.

UK Couple Find Incredible Stash Of Gold Coins Worth $288,000 dollars Buried Under Their Kitchen Floor
Incredible Stash Of Gold Coins Worth $288,000 Buried Under Their Kitchen Floor.

“It’s exciting to see what they are worth in a public marketplace,” Gregory Edmund, from Spink & Son, a company that specializes in the auctioning and private sales of stamps, coins, banknotes, etc. “I am at a loss to think of a comparable auction of this magnitude of English gold coins at one time,” he added.


The couple found the coins in July 2019 while renovating their home in Ellerby, a village in North Yorkshire in the northeastern part of England. As they worked to replace the home’s kitchen floor, the couple encountered what they initially thought was an electrical cable buried beneath the concrete.

But when they investigated the obstruction, they realized they’d hit upon a small stoneware cup brimming with gold coins. The cup, buried six to eight inches below ground, was about the same size as a soda can, per Spink & Son.


“The remarkable trove is unlike any find in British archaeology or like any coin auction in living memory,” says Gregory Edmund, a numismatist with Spink & Son, in an emailed statement.

“This find of over 260 coins is also one of the largest on archaeological record from Britain. It was an entirely serendipitous discovery. The owners were relaying the floor of their house and found a pot about the size of a Diet Coke can, full of gold,” said Gregory Edmund.

UK Couple Find Incredible Stash Of Gold Coins Worth $288,000 dollars Buried Under Their Kitchen Floor
Gold Coins Worth 288,000 dollars Buried Under Their Kitchen Floor

At first, the couple thought they had hit an electrical cable about six inches under the concrete of their 18th-century home. But, surprisingly, it turned out to be more. When they lifted the floor, they found the stash of coins in a cup about the same size as a Coke can.

After the inspection, they found the gold coins dating from 1610 to 1727, during the reigns of James I and Charles I. Further examination suggests that these coins were the property of wealthy and influential merchant families from Hull.

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“They’ve never picked up a metal detector in their life. They were relaying a floor and thought it was an electrical cable at first. I rushed up to see them in North Yorkshire a few days after, and there were 264 gold coins in this cup – it is unfathomable. I have no idea how they managed to fit so many in that pot. The coins date from 1610 to 1727, which is an unusually long period for a hoard,” he said.

“It also raises the question why someone decided to bury a lot of coins at the beginning of the 18th century, when they had banks and banknotes – all the things that meant hoarding shouldn’t have happened anymore,” Edmond added.

According to the Smithsonian magazine, the coins likely belonged to Joseph and Sarah Fernley-Maisters, a married couple from a prosperous mercantile family that made money trading in natural resources like timber, coal, and iron ore. They were married in 1694; Joseph Fernley-Maisters died in 1725, and Sarah Fernley-Maisters died in 1745.