Chernobyl will be back into healthy life within 5 years using NSPS Technology.

Chernobyl accident in 1986 was the world’s worst nuclear power plant disaster of all time, Due to the vast release of radionuclides it also became the first-rate radiological accident. And the event is classified as a level 7 (major accident) according to the International Nuclear Event Scale. 

About 50 workers died because of radiation sickness and its consequences after receiving high doses of radiation during emergency and recovery operations.

According to estimates, radiation has caused or will cause the premature deaths of approximately 4000 people from the 600 000 affected by the higher radiation doses as a result of the Chernobyl accident.


Since 1986 however, radiation levels in the environment have been reduced by several hundred because of natural processes and countermeasures. 

As a result, the majority of ground that used to be contaminated with radionuclides is now safe to live on and use for economic purposes.

Chernobyl nuclear plant

However, The effects of the accident remain in some parts around the disaster even after 3 decades.

In the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone and some limited areas of Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine, some restrictions on land use must remain for decades.

Based on previous studies, it will take up to 24 thousand years for the natural decomposition of the radioactive adulterants in Chernobyl.

But technologies are now potentially accelerated and developed. 


Extra (Excellence for Earth) is a Swiss company that is concentrated on environmental treatment technologies and solutions.


 Back in 2019, they’ve partnered with SSE Ecocentre (State Specialized Ecocentre), a Ukrainian state-owned enterprise that is in charge of directing and monitoring environmental situations in Chernobyl.


NSPS (Nuclear Separation Passive System) is a technology that they experimented on reducing radiation levels in an area of 2.5 acres (1 hectare). The experiment was held between November 2019 and September 2020. At the end of their inspection, they find out that the radiation soil contamination level was decreased by 37% and the air contamination level by 47%.

So based on the latest studies, Exlterra’s novel technology could heavily shrink these 24 thousand years into 5 years.

That means we can bring Chernobyl back to life within 5 years. 

Thanks to NSPS (Nuclear Separation Passive System) technology.


NSPS Technology is backed with concepts of particle physics and nuclear energy. 

This technology doesn’t consume or produce any harmful chemicals or materials.

 NSPS will only accelerate the speed of decomposition of radioactive substances and thus reduce the time gap of 24 thousand years into 5 years.


NSPS accelerates and shoots those high-velocity particles known as positrons to radioactive isotopes in the soil and air for breaking the bonds between isotopes for faster decomposition.


When the positron comes in contact with those isotopes, it rejoins with an electron and starts mutual annihilation for bringing back the radioactive matter or particles into their original state.


“We are on track to reach our longer-term objective of returning the installed zone to baseline or natural levels five years after completion of the installation,” said Frank Muller, CEO of Exlterra.


“We will continue to offer our services to help the Chernobyl exclusion site, including the area around the Nr. 4 plants, and we also want to quickly offer our solution at other problematic sites around the world, including Fukushima in Japan. We can avoid the discharge of radioactive water into the oceans and thus prevent a new ecological catastrophe,” He added.


This process is marked as safe and does not produce any harmful byproducts.

 The measurement duty was carried out by SSE (State Specialized Ecocentre).

They measured the radiation level at the height of 5 centimeters to 1 meter from the ground. And they tested soils by collecting samples from depths of 100 centimeters from the ground.


Andrew Niemczyk, president of Exlterra said, 

“What seemed impossible is now a reality. NSPS is an innovation that allows positrons to naturally accelerate in a passive system to remove contaminated areas. It harnesses renewable energy sources present in nature to considerably accelerate the natural decomposition process of contaminants in the soil. That’s what makes this invention unique – it uses natural energies to solve industrial pollution without resorting to chemical substitutes or soil manipulations”.

Not only that, but NSPS can also be a solution for other soil contaminations from perfluoroalkyl chemicals – a man-made chemical family which is hard to decompose.

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