Pulsar Fusion has successfully test-fired their first hybrid rocket engine powered by fuel extracted from plastic waste.

In today’s modern world, the use of plastic utensils and items is rapidly increasing that will cause soil pollution, air pollution, water pollution, and finally climate change.

But now, Several start-ups are coming with innovative ways to reduce plastic usage by providing biodegradable plastics and polymers and utilizing plastic waste in a productive way that is less harmful to nature.

What if we could use these plastic wastes in a better way by recycling them into rocket fuel? That’s what Pulsar Fusion does.

They’re making hybrid rocket engines that are powered by fuels made from plastic wastes.


Pulsar Fusion engine
Pulsar Fusion engine . image: Pulsar Fusion

Pulsar Fusion Ltd. is a nuclear fusion technology company established in the UK (United Kingdom) has tested its hybrid rocket engine a little while back. And their test operation was successful.

How they are doing that?

This hybrid rocket engine is powered by fuels extracted from nitrous oxide (N2O) oxidizer and High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Plastics.


HDPE is used in a wide range of plastic products including packets, bottles, transmission pipes, switchboards, and much more.

The liquid oxidizer is passed under a regulated and modulated pressure through a control valve into the combustion chamber. This combustion chamber is equipped with ignition technology.

So this hybrid rocket engine is considered an eco-friendly system that uses plastic wastes by recycling them as the main source of intake energy.


“We are delighted with the UK test firings at COTEC. It is a hugely significant moment and we are proud this rocket is built in the UK. To have a British rocket test on UK soil is novel. Pulsar is among a very few companies around the world to have built and tested these technologies. We have a team of fantastic scientists with a wealth of experience to thank for these milestones.”

Said Richard Dinan, CEO of Pulsar Fusion Ltd.

Test firing of this hybrid rocket engine was held at the UK’s Ministry of Defense military base in Salisbury, England.

Vision OF Pulsar fusion

The company says, launching people and satellites into space is a promising application of this “green” hybrid rocket. But their vision is on another level to develop a hyper-speed propulsion engine based on Nuclear Fusion (Fusing and smashing nuclei each other in extreme temperature) that this engine will cut interplanetary travel time in half.


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