Oceans are getting toxic and polluted by plastic wastes that could kill marine species and as well as negatively affect human life. 

A large number of marine species die because of the plastic presence in their food consumption. 

These plastics reach their stomach and then gradually lead them to death. If this continues, the whole marine species will be endangered in the future and slowly, extinction.


The 8th continent will be there for help.

The 8th Continent
The 8th Continent

The 8th Continent is a huge waterlily-like floating station that consists of water purification systems, plastic breakdown, and degradation systems, and greenhouses covered with solar panels. 


This station is linked and chained to the depth of oceans. This innovative system by Lenka Petráková has won the Grand Prix Award of 2020.

This huge floating station will allow researchers and engineers to live, work, eat, sleep and research there as much as they want.

The 8th Continent

The master brain and senior designer of this station Lenka Petráková said,  “I was looking into marine species, animals as well as plants. And I was studying how they interact with water environments, how they really can harvest energy, and how they work with nutrition, for example.”

This station mainly consists of :

The Barrier – A mechanism that will divert wastes to the collector.

The Collector – In this segment, the plastic wastes will be collected, biodegraded, and stored separately for further research purposes.

Green Houses – Here, plants will be well treated and purified water will be subjected to desalination.

Living Quarters – This is the place where researchers will live, eat, sleep.

And finally, there will be Research and Education Centre where experiments will be conducted.

She claims that Marine biologists will be able to study and research there about changing marine life and monitor what positive impact has happened by this floating station. 

They have an idea and they could be able to understand, analyze and gather information on seawater pollution and how to set and adjust raw materials in the future.

The 8th continent
Source: The Jacques Rougerie foundation

Although this is still a future concept technology, the action and dedication will definitely come to fruition by saving billions of marine living beings.

She strongly believes that Elon Musk would be a great backer for this huge project.

And finally, we can say that even though we made mistakes that harmed the environment and unfortunately we still do but some people are actively caring for our mama nature and are on their mission to bring back her healthy life. We can also contribute to this by living intentionally by caring for nature and living in a lifestyle that is less harmful to the environment.


Article appeared on EuroNews


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