Sustenta Honduras is a local youth-driven non-profit organization developed to allow Honduran youth to promote sustainable development to find solutions against climate change and climate crisis.

Our planet and every living being in it is indeed experiencing the changing climate and its after-effects of it, some countries in the world are significantly vulnerable to climate change. Honduras is one of these countries.

The British Embassy promised that it will support this youth-driven organization to reinforce and enhance its capacities on climate change and propose programs, projects, and policies that help youth to come to grips with the climate crisis.

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Honduras is a Central American country with Caribbean Sea coastlines to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the south. According to the climate vulnerability index in 2017, Honduras was considered the most vulnerable country to climate change. In a space of just two weeks in 2021, Honduras was hit by two storms Eta and Iota.

Sustenta Honduras developed the Climate Empowerment Forums, a space for the co-creation of climate proposals aimed at Honduran youth, within the framework of COP26, 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference.


The forums had 500 young participants who were involved in the development of capacities and co-creation of proposals to encourage climate action. Around 65% of the participants were young women. Sustenta Honduras compiled the proposals in a document entitled “Proposals for the Inclusion of Honduran Youth in Climate Action.” The proposals were presented to the authorities of the Ministry of Environment.

This also played a party in Honduras’ government’s plan to develop two annual forums to promote the social incorporation of youth, indigenous and Afro-Honduran peoples, and gender, as stated in the country’s National Determined Contribution (NDC).


The project also helped Honduras to cling to the Declaration of Girls, Boys, and Youth in Climate Action as part of the COP26 commitments. Sustenta will look into the next steps to keep youngsters included with the support of the British Embassy.


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