CarbonCapture Inc is a U.S. climate tech company that makes machines that remove CO2 directly from the atmosphere. Its carbon removal service captures a huge amount of CO2 from the air and permanently stores it underground.

They recently announced an exclusive partnership with Texas-based leading carbon storage developer Frontier Carbon Solutions. The goal is to permanently remove five million tons of atmospheric CO2 annually by 2030. Founded in 2021, Frontier Carbon Solutions offer safe and permanent carbon storage services for industrial emitters across the Rocky Mountain Region.

According to reports, a sprawling field in rural Wyoming, US, will soon be filled with shipping container-sized boxes that are capable of pulling a massive amount of CO2 from the atmosphere to help tackle climate change. After capturing, CO2 will be compressed into a liquid. Later, the liquid will travel through pipelines into nearby wells that are drilled thousands of feet underground, storing it permanently.

World's Largest Carbon Removal Facility: "Project Bison" Will Remove 5 Megatons of CO2 Per Year by 2030
“Project Bison”

“With the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, the proliferation of companies seeking high-quality carbon removal credits, and a disruptive low-cost technology, we now have the ingredients needed to scale DAC to megaton levels by the end of this decade,” said Adrian Corless, CEO, and CTO, CarbonCapture Inc.

“We plan to have our first DAC modules fielded by the end of next year and to continue installing capacity as quickly as modules come off our production line. Our goal is to leverage economies of scale to offer the lowest priced DAC-based carbon removal credits in the market,” Corless said.

According to Carbon Capture Inc, Project Bison will be a five-megaton direct air carbon (DAC) removal project in Wyoming. “Project Bison has no practical limits to scaling to megaton levels and beyond,” the company claims.

“Project Bison starts small, but grows fast. By 2030, Project Bison is scheduled to have rolled-out five megatons of annual capture and storage capacity. At that point, we expect it will be the largest single atmospheric carbon removal project in the world,” the company said.

Due to the comprehensive availability of renewable and zero-carbon energy sources, Wyoming was selected as the project’s location. The project is expected to be operational by late 2023.

“The state of Wyoming is proud to be selected as the first location for megaton-scale direct air capture and to continue our leadership in the storage of CO2,” said Mark Gordon, Governor of Wyoming. “We have the perfect CO2 storage geology and a broad-based energy strategy that includes CO2 sequestration hubs.”

“Safe, permanent carbon storage and direct air capture are foundational to a low-carbon economy,” said Robby Rockey, President, and COO of Frontier Carbon Solutions, a portfolio company of Tailwater Capital. “With CarbonCapture’s DAC technology and Frontier’s storage assets, this partnership will scale these critical industries in Wyoming, ultimately bringing more investment capital and jobs to the state.”

When atmospheric CO2 removal activity begins in late 2023, Project Bison will be the “first DAC carbon removal project to use Class VI injection wells for permanent carbon dioxide storage in deep saline aquifers.”

World's Largest Carbon Removal Facility: "Project Bison" Will Remove 5 Megatons of CO2 Per Year by 2030
Project Bison

By 2030, as the project scales up, the company plans to capture five million metric tons of CO2 a year, or roughly the equivalent emissions from driving a million gas-powered cars for a year.

According to Carbon Capture Inc, Project Bison uses CarbonCapture’s low-cost, modular direct air capture (DAC) systems to filter CO2 out of the air. Frontier Carbon Solutions then gathers and injects that CO2 into deep saline aquifers via Class VI injection wells, a regulatory designation established by the EPA and managed by the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality.


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“It’s our privilege to be an early partner of CarbonCapture,” said Simon Mulcahy, CEO of CO2 and President, Sustainability of TIME. “We’re committed to supporting high-quality climate impact solutions, including engineered carbon removal solutions. This is key to any long-run approach to addressing climate change. We’re incredibly excited to bring our clients some of the first carbon removal credits coming out of Project Bison.”

“We are excited to make these high-quality carbon credits accessible to everyone who wants to take positive climate action,” added Jason Rubottom, CEO, Cloverly.