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Virginia has signed an agreement with Denmark for boosting the offshore wind farm industry

  Recently, Virginia has signed the (MoU)Memorandum of Understanding with Denmark in Ralph Northam’s office, Governor of Virginia, The purpose…

Norway blows up hydro dam to restore river health and fish stocks

  The dam which is was responsible for blocking the free flow of the Tramosa river in Norway for more…

Dutch startup developed an Ocean battery as a new solution to the renewable energy storage problem

Nowadays, energy production technology is rapidly advancing. Simultaneously, the lack of sufficient energy storage systems is a major problem in…

Hero Stranger Rescues Little Girl During Bronx Fire

On the morning of January 9, 2022, a Bronx apartment blaze killed 17 people. Of course, this is heartbreaking. But…

This man finds joy in providing free rooms in his Motel for those in need

The Lincoln Tunnel Motel, located near the Lincoln Tunnel into the Newyork city is providing free rooms for those in need. The hotel isn’t that much glamorous, but their service is.

Michigan startup doubled Tesla EV’s range to 1210 kilometers on a single charge

Recently, a Michigan startup called ONE(Our Next Energy) announced that its new battery can double the usual range of Tesla…

Ketamine infusion with psychological therapy could treat people suffering from alcohol addiction

According to the study published Tuesday in the American Journal of Psychiatry, when Ketamine infusion with psychological therapy was given…

Meet the transwoman who started an NGO to provide shelter to the homeless

Meet Nakshatra, a transwoman who started a Non-Governmental Organization to provide shelter to homeless people. At the age of 15,…

Genetically modified Pig Heart successfully transplanted in a Human for the first time in history

For the first time in human history, US surgeons have successfully done the of a genetically modified pig’s heart into…

Tears of happiness: Reunion of the abducted son with his parents after 14 years

When Sun Zhuo was just 4-years-old, he was abducted near his parents’ shop. A man kidnapped him by showing him…

Seed firing Drones to plant 100 million trees within the next 2 years

Think about an army of highly advanced seed-firing drones that will fight deforestation. Yes, an Australian startup called Airspeed Technologies…

Scientists 3D printed high quality flexible OLED displays that can be bent into any shapes

Technology is accelerating at a tremendous speed. Every day we’re hearing about groundbreaking discoveries that make the life of humanity…

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