Roxy the dog became a hero by saving a family from Carbon Monoxide poisoning. 

Dogs are intelligent and are always considered as man’s best friend. Once again, this statement was proven by a dog in Lowa, a state in the US.


While his owner Brad Harbert was peacefully sleeping, a Carbon Monoxide (CO) leakage occurred in the house.

Somehow, their beloved dog, Roxy detected that something is not right.

Roxy began to jump on his owner’s bed until he woke up.

dog saves family
Brad Harbert and family with the dog roxy


“I could tell something was up with Roxy, she just was jumping off my bed, jumping back up on the bed. When I started to come to, I was hearing an alarm, and it wasn’t the smoke alarm,” said Brad Harbert, Roxy’s owner.

“I jumped out of bed. Right when I did, Roxy came out to the hallway … I grabbed the [carbon monoxide] detector and found out that if it chirps four times … there’s active carbon monoxide in the house,” Harbert added.


Then, Harbert took his son and father outside with their intelligent Roxy. 

Then, he called 911. After some time, Ankeny Fire Department arrived and began their operation. 


According to MidAmerican Energy, the leak came from the electric and gas fireplace in Harbert’s house.

“She can tell something was wrong that night when she woke me up and just her actions, she was kind of shivering and just really concerned that we would get outside.

I’m very, very happy to have a dog and very happy to have her,” he said.


CDC estimates that every year, around 400 people die from Carbon Monoxide poisoning only in America.

Harbert’s carbon monoxide detector was damaged. 

So he advised other homeowners to buy a quality carbon monoxide detector and to check their fireplace regularly to make sure it’s okay.



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