Pat Goins, 87, had never met Deshawn Pressley before fate brought them together on a recent Saturday. Today, she considers him a savior and a close friend.

The story begins when Pat goes shopping for groceries at Kroger in Lemon Township, Ohio. She was walking down an aisle when a man suddenly rushed up to her and snatched her purse from her shopping cart. Shocked, Pat shouted for help.


Deshawn was also in the store at the time, and when he heard her call for help, he did not hesitate to abandon his cart and rush to help her. 

“Hearing her voice screaming and her being scared, I just knew I had to do something,” Deshawn recalled.

Deshawn ran out of the store and chased the mugger. It didn’t take him long to capture the thief and pin him to the ground. Several other shoppers followed the commotion out of the store. Pat’s purse was taken and returned to her by one man, while Deshawn held the robber down until the police arrived.

Brave Citizen Chases Down Thief Who Snatched A Woman’s Purse.
Deshawn Chases Down Thief Who Snatched A Woman’s Purse.

“I chased him down,” Pressley explained. “He got to his car and everything, but I grabbed him, held him to the floor, got him down. Did what I had to do until the police arrived.”

As Deshawn restrained the man, later identified as Derek Vaughn, the angry crowd demanded an apology from him for stealing Pat’s purse.


Pat says once she got over the shock of being mugged, she got mad.

“I think I was a little bit hurt to think that somebody would do that, and, I told him, I pointed at him and said ‘you know, if you needed something, all you had to do was ask,’” she said.


Some time later, Pat got to meet up with her hero again when the Butler County Sheriff’s Office presented him with the Citizen’s Award.

Brave Citizen Chases Down Thief Who Snatched A Woman’s Purse.
Deshawn and Pat

“You’re the man,” Sheriff Richard Jones told Deshawn. “I’m very proud of you.”

Pat and Deshawn have plans to meet up again in the future. She’s so grateful that a total stranger didn’t hesitate to help her when she needed him!


This whole incident was caught on a surveillance camera nearby.

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