The world’s oceans are in trouble: At least 14 million tonsTof plastic end up in the ocean every year, wreaking havoc on the planet. Now a group of YouTube influencers calling themselves “Team Seas” are working together to stem the flow of trash.


And recently, Team Seas has successfully raised $30 million that could help to remove more than 30 million pounds of trash from the Ocean.



Back in October 2021, One of the biggest Youtuber Mr. Beast established a campaign along with another Youtuber Mark Rober and many other YouTubers and content creators with the aim of removing 30 million pounds of trash from the ocean by the end of 2021. The campaign was named Teamseas as a follow up to the Team Trees campaign.


The goal of Teamtrees was to plant 20,000,000 trees. They did it. 

Then they started this campaign called Team Seas to remove 30 million pounds of waste from the ocean.

And now they did that too.


Thanks to the generosity of many good individuals.

MrBeast thanked the more than 600,000 people including other content creators who donated to this massive mission.


“Shout out to the over 600,000 different people that donated to TeamSeas and the creator community for being so awesome in supporting this,” he added.

“We literally raised enough money to remove 30,000,000 pounds of trash from the ocean. That’s freakin’ insane. It just hit me how crazy that number is,” he tweeted.



Even though they crossed the target, this is only just the beginning. The team promised that there’s “more to come” in 2022 and that they will clean more oceans around the world. 


Even if they hit the target, people can still donate a dollar to remove one pound of waste from the ocean.

Cofounders of #TeamSeas “Mr. Beast” (left) and Mark Rober (right). (Photo: Screenshot from YouTube video “This Robot Eats Trash #TeamSeas”)

The trash removal includes abandoned, unwanted, lost fishing gear and other trash from oceans. 

Lost, abandoned, and discarded fishing gear is some of the deadliest ocean trash, and super tricky to recover. 

Now, with the help of some experts in the Ocean Conservancy’s Global Ghost Gear Initiative, removing abandoned fishing gear from oceans is much easier.



According to their plan, the money which TeamSeas raises will be split into two equal parts and directly go to two organizations called Ocean Conservancy and The Ocean Cleanup.

This is considered one of the biggest clean-up projects of all time.


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