Recently, the US Departments of Energy and Transportation announced that they will spend around $5 billion over the next five years to place Electric Vehicle Charging Stations on the roads. This project is a part of the White House’s goal to fight climate change and attract Americans into zero-emission vehicles.

We all know that one of the common reasons for Electric vehicles not having wide acceptance is the lack of charging stations on the roads. But gas stations and petrol pumps are extremely common. Anyways, things will change if President Joe Biden’s plan comes to fruition. Currently, the U.S. has 113,600 charging outlets for plug-in electric vehicles (EVs). A major amount of these chargers is found in California, with almost 41,300 public and private power outlets.

Whitehouse to spend $5 Billion to install a massive amount of Electric Charging stations on American roads
Electric vehicle Chargers

Biden is planning to place 500,000 public EV chargers in the US by 2030. This means, there will be 400,000 more charging plugs than available today. This new project will help the states to build a huge network of EV charging stations along designated “alternative fuel corridors” on the “national highway system,” according to the senior administration officials.


“A century ago, America ushered in the modern automotive era; now America must lead the electric vehicle revolution,” said Pete Buttigieg, Transportation Secretary.


“States must submit an EV Infrastructure Deployment Plan before they can access these funds. A second, competitive grant program designed to further increase EV charging access in locations throughout the country, including in rural and underserved communities, will be announced later this year,” the announcement reads.


According to the forecasts from consulting firm Alix Partners, The U.S. is the third-largest market for Electric Vehicles in the world. around 24% of new vehicles sold around the globe might be fully electric by 2030.

Whitehouse to spend $5 Billion to install a massive amount of Electric Charging stations on American roads
Vice President Kamala Harris charges an electric vehicle in one of the charging stations during her tour of the Brandywine Maintenance Facility in Prince George’s County, Md., highlighting the electric vehicle investments in the bipartisan infrastructure law and the “Build Back Better Act” Monday, Dec. 13, 2021. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

President Joe Biden said that this project to place charging stations on the roads could help save an average electric vehicle driver up to $1,000 each year on gasoline. Tritium is an Australian company focused on developing EV chargers. The company is set to build a manufacturing facility in Tennessee, US, that will produce up to 30,000 EV chargers each year. This will create around 500 local jobs.


“Americans need to know that they can purchase an electric vehicle and find convenient charging stations when they are using Interstates and other major highways,” said Stephanie Pollack, Deputy Federal Highway Administrator.

“It’s going to help ensure that America leads the world on electric vehicles,” the president said.


States must submit their EV infrastructure deployment plans and request to the Joint Office of Energy and Transportation before August 1. Eligible plans and requests will be approved by The Federal Highway Administration before September 30. Not only that, but the Whitehouse is also looking to make electric cars much more affordable.


“Building out a national network of charging stations will mean less pollution, more jobs, and cleaner cars,” said Elizabeth Gore, senior vice president of political affairs at the Environmental Defense Fund. “It will also allow more Americans to skip paying at the pump by making electric vehicles a practical choice for more working families.”


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