Gabriel Clarkie, a 12-year-old young boy whose woodworking project went viral on Instagram took advantage of his massive Instagram community to help Ukrainian kids. He raised around $325,000 to help the kids suffering in the war-ravaged country.

Gabriel Clarkie lives in Cumbria, England. He has been designing and making wooden bowls and other objects since he first picked up his grandfather’s hammer when he was a young child. Clarkie spends hours on his creations. He has been selling wooden bowls to raise money for his dream mountain bike.


On March 25th, 2022, Grabriel’s proud dad tweeted a link to his son’s hobby, carving wooden bowls and posting them for sale on Instagram. After some time, the tweet went viral and Gabriel’s Instagram exploded. In just 48 hours, the followers on his Instagram jumped from 6 to 227k.

Instead of fulfilling the 20,000 requests for wooden bowls, Gabriel announced he would make one single bowl named Gabriel’s Bowl For Ukraine. This bowl will be given out in a lottery to anyone who donates to Save The Children Ukraine.


To symbolize the Ukrainian Flag, the wooden bowl was etched with blue and yellow rings.

Again his page went viral and the donation amount of £5,000 ($6,260) suddenly increased to £250,000 ($313,000), with nearly 15,000 people donating. This time his page went viral because J.K. Rowling, Nick Offerman, and Stephen Fry, shared the link to his page to their immeasurable numbers of followers.

12-Year-old Raised $325,000 for Ukrainian Kids
Gabriel Clark with and hishand-made bowls

Gabriel said he was “blown away” by the donations which will be given to charity. “I hope that the money can help Save the Children to provide more support to kids who’ve been impacted by the conflict with things like food, water, and a safe place to sleep.”

“I never imagined that my tweet would turn into this amazing thing… Somehow, it’s resulted in people donating [over] £250,000 to help children in Ukraine, it’s just incredible!” said Richard Clarkie, Gabriel’s father.


“Gabriel’s Bowl for Ukraine now has a new home—Renuka Chapman, congratulations,” the family wrote on the fundraising page. “We are now at £245,000!! A truly unbelievable figure and Save the Children would like me to pass on their immense gratitude.”

“When Gabriel rang me to let me know I’d won the bowl, I was completely overwhelmed— I’ve never won a single thing before!” wrote Renuka, according to Save The Children’s report on the event. “This bowl will be one of my most treasured possessions. It represents hope, compassion, and kindness… It will have pride of place in my home.”

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