For the first time in medical science, Studies proved that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) might be effective in preventing the core biological development which results in Alzheimer’s. The most satisfying fact is, HBOT is a Non-Drug Therapy.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

HBOT or Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy involves breathing pure oxygen where the patient needs to be kept in a chamber with atmospheric pressure is comparatively higher than at sea level. It works by forcing increased oxygenation of tissues with low oxygen levels. And it could improve blood flow to the brain to nourish brain cells that are usually deprived of blood.


The study was conducted by a team of investigators from Tel Aviv University: Prof. Shai Efrati, Prof. Uri Ashery, Dr. Ronit Shapira, Dr. Pablo Blinder, and Dr. Amir Hadanny. They are members of the Sagol School of Neuroscience, the George S. Wise Faculty of Life Sciences, and the Sackler Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University as well as from the Shamir Medical Center.


After the treatment and examination on people above the age of 65 with memory loss and cognitive decline – a stage preceding Alzheimer and Dementia. The effects on their brain were analyzed by a high-resolution MRI. The results show that HBOT Treatment accelerated blood flow by about 16% to 23%.

Not only that, they’ve shown an improved speed in information processing, memory retention, and attention. Paired with early detection, the therapy would be most beneficial if started before the physical deterioration of brain tissue has begun.


Prof. Shai Efrati sums up the team’s findings, “By treating the root problem that causes cognitive deterioration with age, we are in fact mapping out the way to prevention. Likely, hyperbaric medicine can potentially provide the opportunity for living with good brain function without relating to chronological age. The idea is to commence therapy before the onset of clinical symptoms of Dementia and before deterioration and loss of extensive brain tissue”.

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Author: Sameer Khan, Independent journalist

Original Research: Open access.
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy alleviates vascular dysfunction and amyloid burden in an Alzheimer’s disease mouse model and in elderly patients” by Ronit Shapira et al. Aging