New Zealand’s Government bans tobacco consumption and sales to young people


One of the toughest crackdowns on the tobacco industry has been proposed in New Zealand, which will ban young people from purchasing cigarettes in their lifetime


Increased consumption of tobacco products is leading people to cancer, lung disorders, and eventually death. According to WHO(World Health Organization), tobacco kills more than 8 million people each year. So we need an immense reduction in the world tobacco usage rate. 

In New Zealand, Cigarette smoking kills 14 people every day and over 5000 people every year. 

So that’s what the New Zealand government is concerned about. 

New Zealand Plans to Ban Cigarette Sales For Future Generations
New Zealand Plans to Ban Cigarette Sales For Future Generations


So as a remedy for this problem, the government launched a new action plan called Smokefree 2025.


The goal is to achieve a remarkable reduction in New Zealand smokers by 5% within the next 4 years.

This action plan will make New Zealanders less addicted to cigarettes and other tobacco products.


Recently at the parliament, Associate Health Minister Dr. Ayesha Verall said that “We want to make sure young people never start smoking, so we will make it an offense to sell or supply smoke tobacco products to new cohorts of young people, people aged 14 when the law comes into effect will never be able to legally purchase tobacco.”



The New Zealand government will ban young people who are now aged under 14 from consuming tobacco for their lifetime. 

That means the generations that come after a few years will not use tobacco and the future of New Zealand will be smoke-free.

New Zealand Plans to Ban Cigarette Sales For Future Generations
Don’t smoke!

Even though this is a great action plan with great potential, there are still some legal and non-legislative works left to do.

Yes, there are some non-legislative decisions as part of this plan. So there are some hurdles to the implementation of this action plan. But at the end of December 2021, they will make some changes to existing legislation.


“While smoking rates are heading in the right direction, we need to do more, faster, to reach our goal, If nothing changes, it would be decades before Māori smoking rates fall below 5 percent and this Government is not prepared to leave anyone behind,” Verall said.

Based on her statement, there will be a savings of almost $5 billion for health expenditure in the future. 


By considering the old people, they’re only allowed to smoke low nicotine cigarettes and tobacco products.

Currently, there are 8000 tobacco retailers out there. But after the implementation of this plan, this will be reduced to a maximum of 500 retailers. The remaining 7500 retailers have to choose other business models.

“Cigarette smoking kills 14 New Zealanders every day, and two out of three smokers will die as a result of smoking. We believe that this action plan offers some hope of realizing our 2025 Smokefree Aotearoa goal, and keeping our tamariki smokefree,” said Dr. Alistair Humphrey, New Zealand’s Medical Association Chairman.


This government action plan will hopefully transform the current situation into a better one and lead to a generation of non-smokers, which is a great step to become a healthier, longer-lived generation. 


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