Insane discovery by Limitless Space Institute which could accelerate space exploration: Warp Bubble

Once just science fiction may become a reality.

Lately, Dr. Harold G White, A trailblazer in developing Faster Than Light (FTL) travel technologies and former Warp Drive specialist at NASA has officially announced their team’s successful groundbreaking creation of real-world “Warp Bubble”.


The research was funded by DARPA. Based on White’s statement, this is a turning point in our dream to explore new worlds, stars, and galaxies.

We’re already in search of exoplanets that could harbor life so that we can move to that planet if our Earth becomes no longer a place for life to sustain(let’s hope not). 

But there are some hurdles for interplanetary or interstellar travel.

The first and the most thing is distance.

Even if we discovered a planet for us, still it’s probably not possible to get there because of the crazy distance.

The main solutions for these hurdles are wormholes, warp drives.

While ‘Exotic propulsion’ and ‘Warp Drives’ remain a dream to humanity, Limitless Space Institute (LSI) accidentally created a ‘Warp Bubble’ that gives hope for interstellar travel.

This will be a genesis or starting point for those guys who are on to build a “Fully Sized Warp Capable Spacecraft.”

Warp Drive
Warp Drive

This will be a small ignition to the huge discovery of warp drive in the future.

“To be clear, our finding is not a warp bubble analog, it is a real, albeit humble and tiny, warp bubble,” White told to the debrief.

By jumping into the scientific side, Miguel Alcubierre, a Mexican Mathematician and Physicist theoretically proposed a Faster Than Light (FTL) travel technology named Alcubierre Warp Drive.

According to Albert Einstein, Faster Than Light travel is impossible. 

But Miguel Alcubierre states that Warp Drive technology will not break Einstein’s theories but only obey them. 


Just by bending the space-time and creating a warp bubble around the warp drive-enabled spacecraft, we can move with space-time by taking space-time as a reference frame. 

Space-time fabric can move at insane speeds and still, it will not break Einstein’s theory. 

Because Space-time fabric is not influenced by Einstein’s theory. But Einstein’s theory is influenced by space-time fabric. So even if space-time fabric moves at tremendous speeds, it will not break Einstein’s laws.


Now imagine a person walking on a footpath. This person has a speed limit on walking based on his stamina.

Now imagine a person traveling on a bus. This person still has a speed limit.

But he can travel faster than the first person. Actually, the Second person is not traveling.

He can move at high speeds because of the bus. Here, the bus is the reference frame.

His stamina or health will not influence the speed of the bus. But the speed of the bus will influence him.

So by taking advantage of Space-time fabric, Miguel Alcubierre proposed a theory about a spaceship that can travel faster than light. 

This spaceship moves with the space-time fabric and is linked with it. 

So there’s the point, Einstein’s theory will not affect that spaceship. 

This is Warp Drive.


Years ago this technology was just a star trek science fiction concept and people make fun of this concept. After a decade, NASA hired a Warp Drive specialist, Dr. Harold G White. 

After some time he started a laboratory named Eagleworks. There White’s team shirked the Warp Drive concept into a canonical form. This change in design gradually reduced the energy requirements and exotic materials needed. 

“Some work we’ve been doing for DARPA Defense Science Office is the study of some custom Casimir cavity geometries,” White said at the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Propulsion Energy Forum in August of 2021.

Even if the discovery was a pure coincidence, the engineers who handled the Casimir Cavity research conducted by White were extremely talented.


“I think this is a great example of sometimes you are doing work for one reason, and you find something else you didn’t expect to find,” said White at the AIAA event.


Now, White and his team are planning for a second testable experiment where the experiment involves extending the number of Casimir-created warp bubbles in a chain-like configuration.

So there comes hope on interstellar travel but in the far future. Today’s children can dream about wonderful interstellar space travel that could happen in their generation.

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