MIT Scientists turned Matter into an invisible form

What if we could turn something invisible? maybe that’s just a fantasy. But no more.

In 1995 Austrian physicist Wolfgang Pauli predicted that if you could make a cloud of gas cold and dense enough, you can make it into invisible form. Now, this is possible by a peculiar effect called Pauli Blocking.

Scientists from MIT(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) demonstrated this Pauli Blocking by experimenting with lasers and lithium gas. 


Pauli blocking
Pauli blocking


They used blue laser light to compress and squeeze lithium gas. 

The experiment is held at an extremely cold temperature so that the atoms in lithium gas can turn extremely cold.

According to Pauli Exclusion Principle, When the temperature and density are low enough, atoms in lithium gas scatter less light and it’ll become more transparent.


 Based on words from MIT Scientists, If we could cool the atoms to -273.15 degrees Celsius, it’ll become invisible and nearly 100% transparent.

Professor of Physics at MIT John D. Arthur said: 

“What we’ve observed is one very special and simple form of Pauli blocking, which is that it prevents an atom from what all atoms would naturally do: scatter light. This is the first clear observation that this effect exists, and it shows a new phenomenon in physics.”


Researchers calibrated and modulated photons in the laser beam to make the photons collide with atoms accurately. 

This will slow down those atoms. After that, atoms are cooled down to 20 microkelvins. 

This breakthrough in science will improve the efficiency of quantum computers and regulate data loss.

 In Quantum computers, information is carried by packets of photons(light). So scattering of light had been a headache for developers over past decades. And now, With the help of this Pauli Blocking Quantum Effect, we can prevent data loss by suppressing the scattering of light.

Fund for the research was financed by the National Science Foundation and the Department of Defense.

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