As part of the global transition from fuel vehicles to electric vehicles, countries are doing several measures to encourage the transition to electric vehicles. One of the biggest hurdles to owning an Electric Vehicle is the lack of EV charging stations and charging environments.

The difficulty to charge their vehicle near, or at home, is the main ground many people are currently hesitant to own electric vehicles. This is a problem that must be overcome. A solution to this problem is on the horizon. Yes, Zipcharge’s new portable power bank for electric vehicles will be shipping to customers in early 2023.

The fact is, people always love to own an EV, but the lack of charging stations and facilities is stopping them from owning it. 38% of participants in the research said they were not likely to buy an EV in the next five years and 36% of them are worried about being unable to charge at home, according to research.

Smart portable EV power bank is here to solve the main problem faced by EV drivers
This Portable EV Charger is a Game-Changer For Drivers Who Need to Plug-in

ZipCharge Go — a trolley-shaped portable EV power bank is designed to solve the main problem faced by hundreds of millions of EV owners. Using state-of-the-art bi-directional charging technique, Go, the power bank can be fully charged in your house. It only takes one hour to charge completely. This power bank is capable of providing enough power to drive 20-40 miles(approximately 32- 64 kilometers) of extra range.

Of course, 20-40 miles doesn’t sound like a great distance but the company said it will work to improve these numbers immediately when the product launches in 2023. Along with ZipCharge Go, the company will launch a mobile app that will help drivers to track the charging speed and battery status. This app will allow users to plug in and see exactly how much time is left to full charge.

“Since our launch at COP26 in November last year, ZipCharge has received an unprecedented level of interest from potential customers around the world,” said ZipCharge co-founder Jonathan Carrier. “They immediately see the benefit of the Go portable charger to deliver low cost, convenient charging anywhere they park.”

Carrier and Richie Sibal, co-founder have more than 40 years of experience in the EV departments for automobile companies like Jaguar Land Rover, Lotus, and McLaren.


“We are committed to launching a truly ground-breaking product in the Go, one that meets the needs of a range of customer groups, and how they would like to use the Go,” Carrier says. “This includes private individuals, fleets, and end-destinations, such as hotels, retail complexes, supermarkets, and leisure activities – all locations where the ZipCharge Go can provide flexible, convenient, and low-cost charging for everyone, anywhere they park.”

The cost of this power bank will be almost the same as a high-speed home EV charging station, or available for lease at £49 ($63) per month.


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