We often underestimate kids until they go beyond our expectations. This is a story of a kid who  gone beyond expectations.

5-year-old Bella J. Dark has become the world’s youngest author after Ginger Fyre Press published her first book titled ‘The Lost Cat.’

Last year, she told her family that she was going to write a book. At first, Chelsie Syme and Myles Dark —-Bella’s parents —- thought that she was just saying the regular impractical things that kids often say. But in the end, they were surprised by Bella’s work.

Mum Chelsie Syme said, “We are just so proud of Bella and honestly can’t believe how amazing this is. We’re also so grateful for the support and acknowledgment she has already received so far and she deserves this so much,” Chelsie told a London-based media house.


“She has always thrived off positivity from people – she just loves reading and drawing,” she added.

“I thought it would just be some scribble and you would say “wow” like you do as a parent,” she said. “We then went to a book fair and someone there said they wanted to publish it.”

5-year-old girl has officially become the World Record holder for the world's youngest published author
Inside Bella’s book

Now, she has officially become the Guinness World Record holder for the world’s youngest published author. Her parents are “extremely proud” of Bella after she turned her dream into a reality.

After selling 2000 copies, the 5-year-old girl received the official confirmation of the world record this week from Guinness.

An official email from Guinness World Records states: “We are thrilled to inform you that your application for the Youngest person to publish a book (female) has been successful and Bella is now the Guinness World Records Title Holder.”

“You are now eligible for one complimentary Guinness World Records certificate. Congratulations, you are officially amazing!”


The book titled ‘The Lost Cat’ features the story of a cat named Snowy who goes on adventures and learns a valuable lesson from its journey. This book delivers a powerful and positive safety message to little readers.

Interestingly, she explained and illustrated the story with her own drawings and writings, her lovely elder sister Lacey May also contributed to her work by drawing a picture.

“I just want to say thank you to everyone who has bought my book so far!” said Bella.


The book — published by Ginger Fyre Press — is now available to purchase on Amazon and other retailers in paperback or Kindle version.

Bella-Jay already has eyes on the future, she’s planning to write about ‘Snowy’s Birthday Party.’


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