Recently on Thursday, Israel’s Tel Aviv University announced that it will provide dozens of scholarships to students and researchers from Ukraine. Tel Aviv University has more than 30,000 students, making it the largest University in Israel. University took this decision because studies of Ukrainian students and researchers have been disrupted due to the Russian invasion.

The University will provide around 1 million Israeli shekels as a scholarship. The amount will be allocated to Ukrainian students and researchers who will spend the coming semester at Tel Aviv University and the amount will cover both tuition and living expenses.


“This will enable students and researchers from different disciplines to continue their academic studies and research, which have been halted by the war,” said Tel Aviv University in a statement. “TAU will soon contact the embassies in both Israel and Ukraine, as well as their academic colleagues, to facilitate the researchers’ arrival in Israel within the next few days.”

“As a university that raises the banner of academic freedom, we place great importance on providing our Ukrainian colleagues with immediate assistance,” the university stated.

Israel's Tel Aviv University offers scholarships to Ukrainian refugee academics
Israel’s Tel Aviv University offers scholarships to Ukrainian refugee academics

The University comes with a helping hand on the eighth day after the war has started. According to estimates by the Jewish Agency, Thousands of Jews also have become refugees. Israel expects to save around 10,000 new immigrants from Ukraine. On Sunday, the First group of 300 Jewish olim(Hebrew term for immigrants to Israel) is will arrive in Israel via three flights from Warsaw, Moldova, and Romania.


“The steps we are taking are admittedly modest,” said President Prof. Ariel Porat, Tel Aviv University. “However, we hope that other academic institutions, both in Israel and worldwide, will follow our example, and lend a helping hand to the Ukrainian people in this dire situation.”

Then, Israeli foreign ministry officials helped around 100 Israeli students which consist of Jews and Arabs, to cross the border into Moldova from Ukraine. Last week, the Jewish Agency said that it has received thousands of inquiries from Ukrainian citizens about immigrating to Israel.


“First and foremost, I want to tell you that you have a home here. Israel is your home, for you and your families, for any Jew in the world. Always. Now and always,” Israel’s Prime Minister Naftali Bennett told the students. “That’s what Israel was established for, to begin with.”

Naftali Bennett said on Thursday that Israel has “sent three planes full of humanitarian aid, mostly medicines, and we will send more, as needed. We are also preparing to provide humanitarian assistance on the ground and, of course, to facilitate the immigration of Jews, from all relevant places.”


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