In a southeast tip of Poland, around 11 dedicated men in orange suits are hard-working to reconstruct a rail track that tunnels through the mountains from Ukraine into Poland.

The rail tracks pass through the Carpathians, an arc of wooded hills that runs from Poland through Ukraine to Romania. Many Ukrainian refugees have chosen the mountains for traveling through it to the border to escape from the war-ravaged land. They believe it is safer than going through the cities and towns.

The track was first laid by the Austro-Hungarian Empire a century and a half ago. For several years, the track kept abandoned. Those dedicated men out there think reconstructing the track will help refugees to flee the war on Ukraine.

Poland rebuilds abandoned rail tracks to Ukraine to help refugees fleeing the war
Ben De La Cruz / NPR
A crew of men repair an abandoned rail line that once connected this rural part of southern Poland to Ukraine.

The temperature out there is around 26 degrees. Even at this temperature, they’re hardworking for refugees to escape the war-ravaged land. You can see the steam of their breath at this temperature. These good guys are rebuilding the track just by using pickaxes and rakes to drag out rocks that were put down in the 19th century.

Poland’s top infrastructure official, Andrzej Bittel, thanked everyone for their dedicated and efficient work. “Poland cannot be indifferent to the tragedy of the Ukrainian people,” he said. “Railwaymen will help wherever possible.”

Poland is happy to welcome more than 1.5 million refugees from Ukraine since Russia began its attack. President of Poland, Andrzej Duda warned last week that they need more help to handle the rush of Ukrainian refugees.

A tear-jerking fact is, it’ll take around three hours for the workers to get there. This means it will be a three-hour drive home when night falls. They pull out homemade pastries and bars of chocolate from a nearby truck and pour coffee and tea into mugs and pass them around.

Several crews are trying to replace an 18-mile stretch of the track that has become progressively worse. Within an hour they repaired about 40 feet.

Many countries like Poland are helping Ukraine in different ways. Many countries like the US are donating huge packages to Ukraine. The war must be stopped and happiness must spread. Let’s hope for the best


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