When Sun Zhuo was just 4-years-old, he was abducted near his parents’ shop. A man kidnapped him by showing him a toy. 


When Peng Siying, the mother of Sun Zhuo realized what had happened, she woke up Sun Haiyang, the father of the child who was taking a nap. 

Haiyang ran out, yelling his son’s name.

“I remember I ran out and yelled my son’s name in the street that night. But what troubled me most was that each time I stood at an intersection, I didn’t know which direction to go,” said Haiyang.


They immediately informed the authorities about the missing. But the authorities told them they couldn’t do anything because it’s been 24 hours since the child went missing.

Haiyang said that they never received much help. 


So, they did everything they could do on their own. 

They posted photos of Zhuo, their son, and the kidnapper for people to see.

They sold their properties to make money to travel around China in search of their lost child.

They even changed their store’s name to “A Shop to Look for My Son.” They promised that they would give a reward to the one who finds him back.


But still, they had no luck finding him. “I was ready to spend all my money, and even borrow money,” Haiyang said.


14 years later, Zhuo was found in Eastern China using China’s DNA database and facial recognition technology. 

Reunion of the abducted son with his parents after 14 years
JINGZHOU, CHINA Sun Haiyang (R) welcomes his long-lost son Sun Zhuo (C) back to his hometown at Jianli on December 7, 2021 in Jingzhou, Hubei Province of China. 


When Zhuo was abducted, he was sold to a couple who had two daughters. Happily, he grew up well cared for in a happy family. 

Reunion of the abducted son with his parents after 14 years
Reunion of the abducted son with his parents after 14 years


The reaction of Haiyang and Siying reaction was unimaginable after they knew that the DNA test confirmed their son had been found.

Their emotional reunion was just amazing and heartwarming.


“After 14 years and 57 days, he is a head taller than his mother. He brought us local specialties from where he lives now. He is the Sun Zhuo that all of us have looked for all these years,” Haiyang said.


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