No child should ever go to bed hungry.
We’re stopping hunger in its tracks ✊

This is the slogan of the program Full-time Meals.

In a collaboration with Manchester United and England football star Marcus Rashford, Tom Kerridge launched the program called Full-Time Meals, weekly videos featuring Tom Kerridge, Marcus Rashford themselves, and a lot of famous celebrities taking the full-time meals challenge posted on Instagram and Facebook over the course of a year.

Tom Kerridge and Marcus Rushford Full Time Meals
Tom Kerridge and Marcus Rushford Full Time Meals


Using Tom Kerridge’s chef skills combined with Marcus Rashford’s star power, Full-Time Meals aims to make food more affordable for families. Kerridge has come up with 53 recipes in total, all of which give importance to affordability without compromising on nutrition.


“We want to help give children and families the skills and confidence to cook good, proper food in their own kitchens, using the equipment available to them. Encouraging them to be creative, have fun and spend valuable time together cooking and eating” Tom Kerridge says.


Chef Tom Kerridge used to be a hungry teenager before he became a top chef. His mother, who worked two jobs to keep the family afloat, always prepared a Sunday roast for him and his brother after he’d played back-to-back rugby games at the weekend.


“My brother is 6ft 5in. So, yeah, we were two big Gloucester lumps, [but] she was always there for us, always trying to make sure we had what we needed,” Kerridge remembers.

Even though he has gone on to become a television star and a successful chef, memories from his childhood kitchen remain vivid – as his new, youth-oriented cooking campaign illustrates clearly.


Rashford’s initiative stems from his groundbreaking work to combat child poverty, a problem that currently affects more than 4.2 million children throughout the UK.


Kerridge’s mum passed lessons of culinary creativity to her son.

Their household budget rarely afforded a leg of lamb or roast beef on Sundays, so she roasted rolled sausage meat instead. 

“She would always do extra, as well, because she knew we’d turn up with other kids from the estate,” Kerridge recalls.

 “If we came back with no one, then there’d be a bubble and squeak the next day.”

The same thinking explains Kerridge’s enthusiasm for making meals from fridge leftovers. 

He understands that millions of children will only get one good meal each day, so his recipes should ideally be as filling and nutritious as possible. 

It is equally important to identify what the kids “actually want to eat”, he says.

Kerridge admits it’s hard to eat healthily on a budget. 

As his mother’s job-juggling taught him, time poverty, as well as cash poverty, can be significant obstacles.

It is great to see people coming up with initiatives like this.


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