Father saved his daughter by bear-hugging her, sacrificing himself in a plane crash.

Laney, A 11-year-old girl was saved by her father. 

Her father Mr. Mike Perdue was one of the four people who died in the plane crash on Beaver Island, Michigan earlier this month. This was a small double engine-powered plane, and the reason for the crash is unclear yet.

The last thing Laney remembers after the plane crash is her father’s “bear hugging” to keep her safe.

Mike Perdue with his daughter
Mike Perdue with his daughter


Laney was badly injured. Although she survived miraculously and is now hospitalized and currently in good condition.

“He gave the best bear hugs, and I believe he grabbed our daughter and protected her,” 

says Christina Perdue, Laney’s mom.

Mike perdue with family
Mike perdue with family

A special GoFundMe Campaign has raised over 159k USD from public donations to help the Perdue family. 

“Laney has a lot of broken bones, but she’s a trooper and a fighter,” said Dana Bensinger, A Perdue family friend who started the GoFundMe page.

“Mike loved his family, faith, and Beaver Island. Christina is an amazing Beaver Island native.

 She’s been focusing on getting Laney healed and is touched by the love and support.” She added.


In conclusion, we can say that Mike reflected a lovely Dad’s love and became a hero.


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